I've found a way to break through this cellophane line, because I know what's going on, in my own mind… Am I living in a box?
Living In A Box March 1987
Living In A Box Sleeve
You’ve found Living In A Box! Yes, we are still here and very much alive despite our own best efforts, during the 80’s, to shorten our collective life expectancies. A little worse for wear perhaps, but you can still find us hanging around Chiswick, West London where we all seem to have laid our hats within a mile or so of each other. We have remained great friends despite rumours to the contrary at the time we decided to throw in the towel. Living In A Box lead singer Richard Darbyshire continues to work in the music industry as producer/songwriter extraordinaire to up and coming new talent. Marcus Vere (keyboards) runs an innovative t.v. production company making programmes for young children and Tich Critchlow (drums) has returned to what he was doing pre the ‘Box’ making beautiful, illuminating sculptures, chandeliers and furniture in metal and glass.

It’s hard to imagine now but when Living In A Box first came on the scene in 1987, email didn’t exist, websites were a futuristic fantasy and the mobile telephone was the size of a petrol can! Thanks to the recent explosion in networking sites, video sharing sites and music download sites, music fans the world over are now discovering bands they may have missed first time round and die hard ‘archivists’ are rediscovering bands they may have funked out to, off their faces on cheap beer, in the Student’s Union back in the day. As foraging music fans ourselves we’ve often discussed setting up a site for fans old and new but, until recently, we weren’t convinced anyone would be interested in the enigmatic Living In A Box.

Big On YouTube A month or so ago, a friend of ours mentioned in passing, that the video for Living In A Box had received over 780,000 views on YouTube. Staggering! If we ever needed a green light to pull everything together needed for a website, that was it. So, welcome whatever your reason for visiting us. If you’re new, we hope you’ll appreciate what all the fuss was about and what a good noise we made with a few synths, a drum machine and one of the greatest blue-eyed soul voices of all time. If you are a dyed in the wool, committed ‘Box’ fan.... welcome back, we’ve missed you!

Marcus, Richard and Tich. xxx